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Once a rebel, always a rebel

Smart Ideas, Rebellious Execution

Smart Rebel offers innovative online marketing with individual support.


Smart Rebel Online Marketing focuses on small to mid-sized business with a regional or international client base. Our goal is to help you navigate through the world of online marketing with transparency and structure. Individual support and solutions tailored exactly to your needs are essential parts of Smart Rebel's corporate philosophy.


SEO / search engine optimization - SEM / search engine marketing - social media marketing


Smart Rebel's home is Germany's capital Berlin. Why not meet up for a coffee on your next business or leisure trip?


Smart Rebel Online Marketing was founded in February 2017.

Additional Services

Articles (blogs, newsletters etc.) as well as translations, technical support, software switchovers. I'm happy to make you an individual offer.

The Founder

I have a BA in International Technical Communication. After my studies, I gained professional experience in classical and online-based marketing, as well as project management. Before founding Smart Rebel in 2017, my last position was as Online Marketing Manager for a renowned real estate agency.