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SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Make it easier for customers to find you - with Google Ads, Bing Ads and more

Online Ads Give You the Upper Hand

Search engine marketing offers you the option to place ads above / beneath the organic search results. Google Ads (formerly AdWords), closely followed by Bing Ads, are the best-known services for SEM.

Contrary to organic search engine optimization, with search engine marketing, you don't have to wait for your site to reach the first page of search results. Instead, you can choose appropriate keywords for your ads. SEM campaigns are especially useful for relaunches, start ups and new product launches.

Flexibility is a significant advantage for you in search engine marketing: You have total control over the cost (fixed rate for setting up and optimizing your campaign as well as a monthly Google budget for the ads' display) with monthly options to pause or terminate the campaign. An ideal tool to handle seasonal fluctuation.


Initial set up: First, we determine a goal for your campaign – such as filling out a contact form, purchasing a product or visiting a cite. Smart Rebel then creates you first campaign with suitable ads, keywords and wording as well as optimized target pages (landing pages). Correctly implementing the tracking code into your website is a crucial part of this step, in order to measure the performance correctly.


Weekly optimization of your ads – consistently improving the performance and keeping it at a high level. Through keyword optimization, scheduling and geographic targeting, we will make the most out of your budget.

International Visibility

Smart Rebel offers all services, including search engine marketing, in English and German.

Cost control

Budget and duration are entirely in your hands. Monthly changes can be easily made.

Performance measurement

The campaigns can be monitored precisely, using various tools. Upon request, Smart Rebel is happy to provide monthly reportings.

Campaign creation

Smart Rebel creates your campaign(s) with the appropriate structure, wording and according to your corporate identity.

Keyword research

Smart Rebel finds the best keywords for your business based on your briefing, and continues to search for new keywords over time.

ongoing optimization

Your campaigns are optimized weekly and adjusted to new technical developments.

Ad extensions

Offering various options for your customers, such as making a call or sending an inquiry straight from the search result page.

Ad scheduling

Your campaigns can be displayed at the best times, according to the activity of your target audience.


Reach German-speaking audiences through perfectly worded ads.