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Social Media Marketing

Stand out from the crowd: With the perfect social media platform for your business

Get Closer to Your Audience

Social media – if executed well – will upgrade your business: Small and mid-sized companies benefit especially from consistent activity in social networks. A well-managed social media presence is associated with larger, better organized and modern businesses.

Potential and existing customers are not only using social media to increase business connections, but also during their free time. This gives you a chance to build a connection with your audience well beyond the standard search for products and services.

Increase customer loyalty with a fitting social media presence!

A World Full of Options

The Basis

Which Platform is the Right One?

Our first step is to find the right social media platform for you. Quality rather than quantity makes the difference: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn / Xing, Pinterest et al. do not need to be used simultaneously. Each social network is frequented by a different target audience, resulting in different perks depending on your type of business.

Details make the difference

Google MyBusiness

A Google MyBusiness profile is substantial for your online presence – especially if you own a walk-in business. Customers will often find new stores and companies via Google search and the integrated MyBusiness / maps functions. Your profile should be professional, containing all essential information and being linked to your website. Customer reviews are an important asset in this feature.


Continuity and Specials

Social media offer endless possibilities for your online marketing. A key factor for your profile is perseverance. Regular posts, well-thought-out storytelling and reactions will create an authentic online presence. Giveaways or paid ads are a great way to boost your profile and increase your online visibility.

Review Sites

Customer Feedback

Another option to collect customer reviews are sites such as Yelp, Jameda or Trustpilot. Besides a perfect profile page, feedback management (positive as well as negative reviews) is a crucial success factor.

International Visibility

Smart Rebel offers all services, including social media marketing, in English and German.

Customer Loyalty

Your customers primarily use social media during their free time. Strengthen your connection to them by adding a personal aspect.

constant activity

Your social media presence is also active on weekends and during holidays.

Language geared to your target group

Using the best form of written communcation with your audience (English or German, leisurely or business-like etc.).

Product launches

Social media is perfect to spread news about your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media ads and giveaways can give your performance a quick boost.

Fast reaction time

Questions, reposts and comments are dealt with in a timely manner and forwarded to the appropriate department, if necessary.

Image building

An excellent social media presence stands out from the crowd. You don't need a huge budget to make your mark.


Customer reviews and appropriate reactions will increase the trust potential clients put in your company.