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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The framework for your search engine ranking

Creating a Solid Structure, Always Staying Updated

Google is still the market leader when it comes to online search engines, with Bing coming in second. Online search engines like Google or Bing use complex search algorithms to find the most relevant websites for whichever search keyword was entered. Most people don't look past the first search engine result page – which makes it all the more important to be displayed among the top 10 search results.

Smart Rebel offers a variety of solutions to permanently optimize your website for search engine results.


The starting point is an analysis of your current website, its usability and performance as well as competitors. This includes a list of suggestions for SEO improvement.

We will determine your most important keywords and then improve your ranking, e.g. by SEO-optimized content, landing pages and metadata, contextually relevant backlinks and social signals.


Once we have laid the groundwork, it is important to keep your website updated with articles, news and technical upgrades. You can make these ongoing changes yourself, after a briefing, or have them done by Smart Rebel.

International Visibility

Smart Rebel offers all services, including search engine optimization, in English and German.

Improve your ranking

Page 1 of the search results is closer than ever! Only a few potential customers click to page 2 and beyond.


Insight to onpage optimization, relevant keywords, rankings and competitors.

Content creation

SEO-optimized written content for the perfect balance between information and effectiveness.

Text optimization

Smart Rebel will analyse and optimize your existing wording, as well as provide new content on a regular basis.

Landingpage optimization

Checking, optimizing and preparing your most important target pages for further marketing measures.


Important, but often forgotten: Meta descriptions of sites and images are especially relevant for search engine optimization.


Slow and steady wins the race: SEO optimization does not happen over night and provides a solid foundation in the long run.


Do you have a German-speaking audience? Smart Rebel will optimize your website with top-notch translations.